Rob’s Reality

….a thought….

      Words are my step by step directions to guide you through  the limitlessness of my mind, a juxtaposition of organized chaos.

     I’ve been told it’s a beautiful mind, yet beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and yes, I would like to hold her, lol. That’s superfluous  and I digress, so back to the Quest.

    Direction is irrelevant because this is a place that is not linear, so many cannot grasp it’s undefined nature and perceive it as they would understand dialect spoken in a foreign tongue. Yet intonation and body language would offer some direction, it would only tease curiosity and agitate those who need to find meaning in another’s perception of reality to have contrast to understand their own. But when changing that in which gives it contrast, you also change the contrast and the way it is perceived is different, so this is where the problem occurs in linear thinking. Some things can’t be explained. They just are.

   Faith is not confined to religion and love. Faith is just KNOWING without reason. Just as breathing, we do it without thought and analytics, until you stop breathing…then everyone shits themselves and switch into cause and effect mode. Things just are. What is, is. What was, is no more. Time is static. Maybe it’s time to let Time be.